A b o u t m e

Midwest Wedding + Portrait Photographer

My name is Asantae Haanstad, and I'm a midwestern gal living in Springfield, Missouri! I am 20 years old and currently attending college and pursing a double major in Strategic Communication and Graphic Design! Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, and taking pictures of lovely people. I have a 6 month old Havanese dog named Coco! In my free time you can usually find me in a local coffee shop (especially Eurasia). I love to travel and will be visiting California, Utah, and Arizona this summer for photography!

I am looking forward to meeting YOU and learning all about you an capturing your journey!!

Fun facts

1. My name means “thank you” in Swahili pretty cool right?!?
2. I was born in a little town called Hood River in Oregon and moved to Missouri as a child
3. I recently got a new puppy named Coco SHE IS MY BABY!!!
4. I played competitive tennis for about 8 years and played on my high school varsity team
5. My boyfriend Kevin and I have been dating for two years and we met in high school :)

How it all started

Began with a passion

In 2017, I received the best Christmas present that I would ever open, a camera that my mom gifted me. Starting that day I began shooting landscape photos and nature shots, and it quickly developed into my favorite hobby. That hobby has only grown and into a passion for creating and capturing moments that will last a lifetime. My happiest moments are when I am looking through the lens and creating magic with my clients.

"Asantae is so very professional! She makes you feel comfortable and gives you all the confidence you could ever need! She handles all issues thrown her way with ease! She is flexible and I had an absolute BLAST shooting with her! Asantae gave me amazing photos and I cannot wait to shoot with her again!" -Kylee

Natural light photographer

Natural light photographer